[Denied] Ban appeal: Cgriffin43


I used to play on this server a long time ago and was banned, I don’t remember why I was. But I would love to be unbanned and be able to play on this server again as I have recently gotten back into minecraft.

-thanks, cgriffin43


Quoted from AgentRed on your old ban appeal:

Re: Ban Appeal: cgriffin43
Postby Agentred » Sun Jan 04, 2015 6:12 pm

You’ve reached the maximum amount of unbans, however I will give you one last chance to play on Arcane again.

I will allow you to purchase an unban for 5 USD. I feel like if you’re really itching to come back on Arcane, then this is a good way to support us and prove you’ve changed your ways.

If you’re willing, simply donate here: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=7


I’m not even sure why I was banned for a second time, if I could have explanation on that. I wish I could be let back on the server.


Quoted from Rhalyon on your old ban appeal:

"You were banned the first time for stealing ore blocks from a castle at spawn.

This is the second such offense, the first was back in august for also stealing from someone’s home and griefing it.

Furthermore, after your ban you were found to be X-raying for diamonds."


I don’t even know how to install X-Ray and I’m not paying money to get unbanned. Looks like I’m not getting unbanned lmao


No, you will not be unbanned. Screwing around one time is forgivable. Purposefully griefing people’s things multiple times is not.