Decommissioning the old map


As discussed in this thread, we will be removing the old map from the server and making it available for download. The old map will be taken down next Saturday, November 12. If anyone wants to take a trip down memory lane, or if any newer players want to see what Arcane was like before the current map, this coming week is your last chance (until the map is available for download).

This change will make the server easier to manage and, more importantly, should free up resources for the current map, reducing lag and server crashes.

Questions? Concerns? Ask them here :slight_smile:


Do you know when the old map will be available for download?


Sorry, we’re still working on it.


Jugs you be slackin’


I know, sorry. We have a torrent for it floating around, I just need to check that nothing’s corrupted with it.


No need to apologize! We know you’re going as fast as you can!


Ok, here is a torrent for the old map. It’s around 6gb compressed. Simon and I should be able to seed most of the time.
(UPDATED Download post) (57.6 KB) (Old torrent; most likely won’t work)


ill seed once im done


Any good suggestions for a Torent software?

I kinda stopped using them a few months ago…


i have been waiting 45 minutes trying to find peers, why isnt this just a normal download?


Hey all,

Here is the torrent with working tracker. The tracker jugglingman used to create the torrent seems to be not working, and opentrackr adapted to the torrent well.

Attached is the download. If you already ran jugglingman’s file, running this file will simply add a working tracker.

~Simon (57.6 KB)

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[quote=“Dragon_DLV”]Any good suggestions for a Torent software?

I kinda stopped using them a few months ago…[/quote]

If you’re using Windows, I recommend Bittorrent. The free download option has been very reliable for me. µTorrent is another great option, and I think it’s by the same company that maintains Bittorrent.

If you’re on Linux, Transmission is the way to go.

I’m downloading the map on my vps server (using the torrent). After it’s done downloading, and after I get my website set up, [color=#aaaaaa](I’ll post up a link here (ETA 2-3 weeks) for all the people who doesn’t like or isn’t familiar with torrent. However, if you don’t have any data cap, I recommend torrenting the file)[/color](<- Ignore that).

Edit: Sorry, I underestimated the disk size of my webserver. I ran out of room to host the map. I’m still seeding from my local server, so all should be well.


Actually, wouldn’t just Leeching the file be the best for datacaps?

A bit unethical, maybe…


You have a point, Dragon. I don’t know what I was thinking exactly, but leeching can be better at data-saving if your internet connection is not stable (e.g. straight downloading not working), as well as long as you don’t seed.