1 of your mods muted me. they said stop asking for a greylist so I stopped then I apologize and say I was just anxious and then she calls me illiterate and I say obviously im not if im reading chat then I get muted her name is AJLADY


So after posting an application twice, being answered by the admin, then posting an application twice AGAIN, then asking ingame when you’ll be greylisted, having people tell you the admin answered you multiple times, having people quote and paraphrase the admin’s answer multiple times, having a mod tell you to stop asking, warn you to stop asking and finally having to mute you because you couldn’t be bothered to read any single answer that had been patiently given to you… you just have to keep wasting everybody’s time.

Also, nice sockpuppet, whoever you are.


I’m sorry if you were offended, however you are simply too young for this server and your greylist application has been denied. You will not be greylisted on Arcane.

You can re-apply in a year if you’d like.


ok well im sorry and i turn 15 next month