Chillyalex Ban Appeal


Ban Appeal

  • My in-game name: Chillyalex

What caused your ban on Arcane Survival?

Accused of x-ray
(write here. Be honest. Do not lie; we know what you did.)
Hi. I was recently banned for x-ray. I do not have a x-ray hack client. But I do have a texture pack that lets u know if diamonds are near by. I did not know this was a ban worthy thing. As of now I have deleted the texture pack and am sticking to the default pack and that is it. (EDIT) I have played on this server for a pretty short time but over that time I have met some friendly people. Everyone is fair and offers a hand. I was hoping to invite some friends and increase the amount of active players. I enjoyed playing with friends and hope that I will be able to again. I don’t have a say in what the staff decides. Hopefully my ban appeal helps. If it doesn’t then thanks for everything.

What will you do to prevent the ban next time?

Without a doubt delete the pack and play the correct way. While writing this the texture pack is already deleted. I removed it from my computer.


Hey Chillyalex,

Thank you for taking time in writing up the appeal. Your application has been reviewed and approved.

Your ban duration will be one week, so the ban will be lifted on August 23, 2017 at 12:00 EDT.

Please do not use x-ray or similar texture packs or mods to create unfairness on the server in the future. Also, note that a second ban for the same reason is permanent.



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