Chat Moderators have a "Chat Mod" nametag in chat


So chat moderators can greylist (among other commands), and so when new people join they ask for them to be added to the greylist. Often there has been confusion at who is actually a mod as newbies clearly don’t know anyone, and even those who have been on for a few days still forget who’s who.

I just think a little “Chat Mod” tag in chat would be appropriate, similar to the “Mod” nametag for moderators. Perhaps a different colour?

Whilst a command that reveals who the moderators are would be good in theory, I can’t really imagine new people who just want to play going through a series of commands to find out a small piece of information.

It’s not a major problem, just something I feel should change.


I do agree. Not a long post, but enough was said.


agree chat mods are part of the server that help alot i think they should be noticed


I don’t see why chat mods need to have a tag next to their name constantly - 90% of the time it would serve no purpose. I may look into a command for them to ‘flash their badge’ however - So they can give themselves a chatmod tag when they really need it, and then remove it for normal chatting.

Keep in mind as of right now, they do have the ability to send private messages with a visible [ChatMod] tag, so they aren’t totally incapable of expressing their authority!


Huh, didn’t realise they had this. I suppose that solves the problem - thanks for replying!