[Chat Mod] Calcular


Age: 15
Why you want to be a moderator (chat): To help keep the server a friendly environment and to help become closer with the community.
Relevant experience: I was on the build team for a small factions server that closed down. (I know this is not factions)
Location/Timezone: I live in the USA and my timezone is Eastern Standard Time
Skype name: asfgrady although I don’t really use skype anymore. My discord name is Calcular#5264 and that would be more useful.
Anything you would like to add: I’ve had a few username changes since I last played frequently (last summer) my past 2 names were Grady_ and GB_. I plan to really grind out the 1.13 update and be much more active once other players start logging on again. Thanks for reading my application and if I get staff I really look forward to working with you all.


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