Carpets & Nether Highways


Through messing about with the carpets I have around the Ice I noticed pigmen were unable to walk onto the nether highway at all if carpet is over the ice. Meaning We could make it so no pigmen could spawn at all anywhere if we coated it.

I have a bunch of wool I can start using to possibly do this if this would be cool with nether highway main builders or whatever they are haha, I just don’t want to start anything without asking permission!

The pigmen are too tall to get into the ice when there is carpet there, so it clears the highway completely.


Are you sure about that ? Pigmen are the same height as the player, so it would surprise me if we could but they couldn’t… Plus, I’ve already seen some walk from the highway into the nether hub, walking on the carpet…

Please test this extensively before doing anything :slight_smile:

Also note that nothing can spawn on ice.


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Pigmen are ever so slightly taller than the player. Standing next to one shows they are about 1-3 pixels taller.

The carpet trick does indeed work and I’ve now double checked this on both singleplayer and arcane!

None of the highways are gated by carpet which would explain the pigmen walking through! (Except for toothpaste which I used as a test)