Builder's Guild


A group of builders always willing to help eachother with eachothers project.
Basically, A group of people that build together regardless of factions, regions, towns, any of that. You don’t need to live anywhere specific to build with us.

Managed by Jac, so far, looks like simons on board, maybe.


I’m 100% on board! But if I can just have time to finish my house, as I am a newer player, that would be great!


You don’t have to join right away. Finish your house, and when your ready, come and build with us. :smiley:


Thanks! Is there a way I can know what we are building, and where? Thanks


Still working out the fine details of comunication, but the first build is gonna be our Guild HQ, somewhere in spawn. I’ma talk to simon about it when I get a chance. We need a way to all be on the same page, without all being on the server at the same time. :confused:


Our first project is shaping up, I plan to begin it on saturday.