Banner Handbook


Somewhat inspired by Dorndar’s budding collection of Banners at the White Sands Zoo, I realized that it might be interesting to record all the banners that people are using. I think it might be neat to collect them into a Written Book ingame, and start a bit of a Library in the world with books written by our players (this one included). Therefor, I’d like to get a copy of everyone’s Banner so I can start writing it out.

If you’d like to help me, please:

[ul][li]Make me a copy of your personal (or your community’s) Banner. [list][]You can do this by putting it in the crafting grid with a blank banner of the same base color.[/li][/ul][/:m]
[li]Then rename it in an Anvil with your Name(s).[ul][]If it’s a Community Banner (such as Encyclas, Silvaras, or Hydra Complex), put a [COM] at the beginning of the name, with the Community name following.[list][]If it is for a singular Build, please place [BLD] at the beginning of the name.[/li][/ul] [/:m][/list:u][/:m]
[li]Finally, please place your renamed banner in my (Dragon_DLV) Mailbox at spawn. [ul][]If you are unsure where this is, it is at the Post Office just north of the Spawn Building. [/li][li]If you still can’t find it, ask and someone can help you. [/li][li]Alternatively, if I am online, just let me know, and I can meet you at spawn to collect it.[/li][/ul][/:m][/list:u]

Since the UI for Written Books is … well, not the greatest, I plan to keep the Number of Pages somewhat low, so there will likely be multiple volumes. [size=75](especially if I have 100% participation)[/size] Banners will be added somewhat in the order they are received, though Community Banners will be at the beginning of the book, or if there are enough of them, a seperate Book-line will be made for them. Also (fair warning), some preference will likely be given to some of the more active players, in terms placement within the books.

Anyone Interested?


Yes! I was actually thinking of making a thread for something like this, but this is even better! I’m still designing a banner, but I will drop it off in the spawn mailbox ASAP!


I have my banner next to my mailbox upstairs.
This is a cool idea. I’ll drop mine off soon!


Awesome idea!


Updated the first post.

It seems I’ve been getting Banners for what appears to be Community Builds / Singular projects. While I don’t disprove of them, I want to catalogue them properly.

I would assume "Le Taiga Bank of Spawn" is one of DClem’s builds at spawn, and not a Username. Same thing with “House Dondarrion”, being PeopleOfWar’s build. Hopefully I can get in touch with those two.

For those of you reading this, if you want to participate, please, please, name it with your USERNAME, or if you have some other information for me for the book, please PM or post here.


dragon there is a program to help you make banners, so maybe that will get more people interested in making their own banners.

here is the link: … on-0-4-has

it lets you play with all the patterns then gives you the recipe to make the banner. it is cool


There’s also this, which runs in the browser. It’s hosted by “Miners Need Cool Shoes”, which is a fairly popular skin editor / previewer.


I’ve been using that tool since even before the guy partnered with MNCS. It’s a really awesome tool.

Actually, thought I’d posted it here before.


It would be great if everyone would just flat out name their banners. I mean its great to see all the visitors I have gotten at the zoo and the banners look neat but I have no idea who is tied to what banner.


Unfortunately, they don’t display their Name when they are hung (like Named Items in Item Frames). That, and they lose the name if they are placed and picked up.


f3+cursor should identify yes?