Ban/Mute appeal: UnHolyGlory



Ban/Mute appeal: Username

It is associated with Arcane

What caused your ban?

My Brother and his friend, they were just hacking on random servers they hate, So they went on arcane and then my brother he got Ip banned. So then i couldn’t play on the server anymore. I was so sad and i have been banned for 2 years i am pretty sure.

What will you do to prevent the ban next time?

Well i guess i could have told my brother and his friend they shouldn’t be hacking on any server, Also when i get on i will do my best to keep your community happy and having fun. I really love your server and i hope you will give me one more chance.
Have a great and wonderful day,


youve never been on arcane survival so you arent banned from our server. youre looking for arcane factions, thats a different server and website.


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