Ban/Mute appeal: scull_crusher73


  • My in-game name: scull_crusher73
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What caused your ban on Arcane Survival?

(write here. Be honest. Do not lie; we know what you did.)
idont know what i did

What will you do to prevent the ban next time?

(write here.)
i wont do what i did


You built a complex right next to simons town, without asking, then used a ton of the materials that were in chests that simon was using for his city.

then, when confronted about it, you were rude and wouldn’t listen

You will be unbanned in 2 weeks


You were banned because you broke Rules 1, 3, and 4.

Let’s break it down chronologically, shall we?

##Rule 4: Building

Even if no marked sign is present, you may not build too close to another player without their permission.

You were building close to the city. Therefore, your building area was under jurisdiction of the nearby city. The issue is that you started building there without any apparent permission. I founded the city, yet I was not notified about the (huge) land usage over there.

I would not really care much about you building near my city, but the way you reacted to me makes it not okay. I’ll talk more in depth on Rule 1 below.

##Rule 3: Stealing

You may not steal from other players or grief their builds.

Technically, the chests you took items were unlocked, but that does NOT mean they are free for grabs. You admitted to taking huge quantity of city supply’s dirt to terraform the land you fenced off. I did not approve the terraforming of the land using the city supplies, but it’s also my fault for not keeping the chests locked.

However, like above, the way you acted towards me makes all these not okay. More below.

##Rule 1: Respect

You must respect everyone.

When I came over to chat with you regarding your build, terraforming, and land usage, I was not met with a person willing to chat, but a person unwilling to cooperate. When I called your name (via chat), you were not even responding to me. When you finally replied, all your responses were all negative. You didn’t care much to read what I was typing out towards you, and, most importantly, you said:

no i do not know the [server] rules

What are you doing on the server then? Don’t you realize that this is a public server with set rules? Sure, you were invited over by your friend, but that does not exempt you from the server rules. Everyone is expected to follow the server rules and have at least some integrity. You failed to show that.


As @greasy_bandit summarized above, you were being rude to me. I don’t know if you realized the gravity of the situation back then, but you do not respond to someone that way, let alone a staff member.

You will be unbanned two weeks after the date of your ban. Your unban time is set to September 19, 2017 12:00 PM EST.

Before your unban date, please review the server rules.

After you get unbanned, if you are going to continue being rude, then you can pack your stuff and set up a farm far elsewhere on the map. You can always use the handy Dynmap to find a place to build your things.

I hope this explains some things you didn’t know about. You better not be rude on the server again.



hay simon i am sorry can i be part of your city


an if not could you help me move pls


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