Ban/Mute appeal: {LordOfTheHarvest}


So about 10 minutes ago I was banned for “Breaking the endergrinder x3” Yes. I earlier I had accidentally broken the grinder, but it was a mere accident. I was being stupid in the construction of an AFK spot and spilled water everywhere, causing the ender-mite to be displaced and inconvenienced mods. I had apologized numerous times and insisted on helping. I felt terrible. A bit later, it broke again, due to the endermite despawning. I was hoping I was in the clear then. The mods were kind and understanding about the situation. But I had obviously not learned to be careful because as I was trying to reach a pole I made in the sky to mine down I spilled water everywhere again, causing the ender-mite to be displaced, for the third time. I was hoping I could get it repaired myself before any would would return, but in this world, you can’t trust anybody with secrets, and I was banned in mere minutes. I know you might be thinking “either this guy’s full of crap or the biggest idiot I’ve seen in a long time.” I assure you, it was a mere mistake. I don’t exactly have the best immediate memory, I like to get things done fast, and I can be reckless. When the ban was issued it stated I was banned “permanently” this is rather concerning to me. I love this server and I know everyone has their own idea of what permanent is but I really want to rejoin your community. I’m greatly sorry for the repetitiveness I’ve put Mel, So, Drekkel, and anyone else that had to clean up after my messes.


That should have been 2x at first, my mistake. It was reported that the EnderEnder had stopped working at around 12:10AM EST. You were asked if you were in the end and you replied “yes, my fuhrer”. We climbed to the top and you were there, standing on top of the water cap for the endermite. The cart and mite were at the bottom of the enderender on the killing platform. You said you hadn’t touched it, but the only way that it could have fallen off is for someone to hit it. We fixed it after a while, then I asked you to remove all your gear from the top of the End and not to return up here. It took over 2 hours, 3 mods, 2 regular players and 3 admin to fix it the first time.

A bit later, at 3am it was reported that the EnderEnder was not functioning again. I climbed to the top of the tower and you were once again standing on top, after Morios had build a wall and door to keep people out. At that point, you were banned. It took us until approx. 6am this morning to repair that damage a second time.

There have also been multiple reports of foul and borderline racist commentary for the past couple days, which reinforced my decision even more.

If you would like to refute any of these claims you may do so while I speak with the other admins about this.


I was told to remove my chests atop of the grinder. I don’t recall my slab/AFK spot being mentioned. I suppose that’s on my part. I know I royally screwed up and inconvenienced you. I didn’t mean to and I felt bad about it. Again, I’m sorry. I don’t know what I can do to show that i mean well, but I do. And as far as racism goes that’s just me being stupid with my humor. I hate how no one can take a joke. It wasn’t mean to hurt anyone, chat is usually dead and I like to talk. Also I didn’t touch the endermite. I know this is a fact because around the third time of it breaking I spilled more water and I saw the water move the endermite with my own eyes. I screwed up but it was completely unintentional. I’ll never damage it again if I just move away.


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