Ban/Mute appeal: gigagoku12: Was I banned for X-ray?

  • My in-game name: gigagoku12

What happened:

I was banned a little while after finishing some mining while I was hanging with my friend. I had a warning for xrays before, so I suspect that is why I was banned. I was using a fortune III pick, so I did get a lot of diamonds from that trip. If it was a ban from x-raying, I wasn’t using anything.

What I’ll do to prevent the ban next time:

I deleted my xray resource pack, and I’m just really wanting to join my friends again. I’m loving this server, I don’t want to be banned from the one thing that brought me back to minecraft. I’ll do whatever it takes to come back


Hello gigagoku12,

From our investigation, you’ve clearly x-rayed directly to the diamond ores. You’ve been warned about it previously, but you didn’t heed the warning and continued to mine straight to the diamond ores.

Uh, no. Number of diamonds mined is not really relevant. You did use x-ray to mine the diamonds in investigation. You’ve been warned and told multiple times that x-ray is forbidden on the server and will lead to a ban. Well, here we are.

We value honesty on the server. In this situation, if you aren’t honest about your (or your account’s) usage of x-ray texture pack or mod, you will not do well. It’s not only important on the server, but in the outside world you will work in the future.

You will receive an unban date in the near future. Please heed all warnings next time.



Thank you. I appreciate the mercy I have been shown, though I surely did not deserve it. Writing the original post was hard for me. I was in the heat of the moment, and I felt victimized. I soon realized how foolish I was acting both before the ban and afterwards, but I did not have the courage to say it.

Given the time to reflect on my actions, I believe that my honesty has been withheld far too long. I admit, i did use X-ray (though you knew that already). I am gravely sorry for using it; I should’ve been more serious after the warning I was given. Thank you for the unban consideration, I hope to join you all again soon.


Hey gigagoku12,

Firstly, I apologize for taking 25 days to get back to you with an unban date.

More importantly, your application has been reviewed, discussed, and approved.

Your ban duration will be one month, so the ban will be lifted on August 22, 2017 at 12:00 EDT.

Please do not use x-ray or similar texture packs or mods to create unfairness on the server in the future. Also, note that a second ban for the same reason is permanent.

In addition, please be a good citizen on the server (and elsewhere). Being a good citizen includes being honest and abiding by rules (e.g. not shoplifting).



Thank you Simon, I am glad to be back on this wonderful server.

I can’t join the Discord server at the moment. I was wondering if I was on a banned list for that as well?


You should be unbanned from the Discord. Sorry for the trouble.



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