Ban Appeal: NoahClone66


NoahClone66 I have no idea why I was banned I was just playing on the server when all of a sudden I was banned! I had not been on for a long time so I was wondering what happened! I would just like to know what I did to get banned!

NoahClone66 Ban appeal
NoahClone66-When am i being unbanned?

you were tracked xraying diamonds, you also have previous warnings for breaking other rules.
if you would like to appeal you are more than welcome to but the minimum ban for xraying is 2 weeks.


the minimum? I have been banned for 4 weeks already and I would also like to know the top it could possibly be


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I was told that the minimum was 2 weeks but I was not told the maximum I would just like to know when I will be getting unbanned or if I was just forgotten about



You need to actually create a ban appeal in order for us to consider unbanning you. If you create another post in the ban appeal forum, it should show you the template.


Make an ban appeal on the forum.


My username is NoahClone66

I was X-raying diamonds

Im not going to get caught next time


I wont xray



You shouldn’t have x-rayed