Ban appeal: iamawesomeuknow

  • My in-game name: iamawesomeuknow
  • These forums are not associated with any HCF or PvP servers. Is your ban on a server like that? No

What caused your ban on Arcane Survival?

(write here. Be honest. Do not lie; we know what you did.)

I have no idea.

What will you do to prevent the ban next time?

Not do whatever I did

(write here.)



It seems that you were banned after being caught x-raying for diamonds even after a warning. Were you using any x-ray texture pack or mods to assist in mining?



Hello. I was not using any x-ray texture packs. I recieved a warning after I stared at Mytos when he was invisible apparently. I would like to ask what suggested that I used an x-ray pack.


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