Ban Appeal: HeartsFlame



I feel that I was wrongly punished for no such crime I committed except break 3-7 torches which was by a somewhat damaged mouse. I first saw USMC’s tunnel while caving nearby and promptly came to investigate because there was cobblestone littering the ground and I saw that it was new. I ran down the tunnel and heard noises of a considerable amount of mobs above me and I dug up. I did this because I was still unaware of anyone’s presence in the area and 2 blocks to pillar up is honestly nothing at all. From there I continued exploring the cave and I was then blown up. Point blank range from a creeper wearing only Diamond prot4 boots and attempting to block with a pickaxe! After that incidence I attempted to run back to where I had died, USMC spotted me as I was somewhere close to the end where she was still digging. Being in my backup armour I believe she suspected me to be deliberately trying to annoy her but I plead that I was not. Infact, she had already discovered the missing torches I had failed to replace because I was too interested in the cave and the chance to explore (just check how much I did on the expansion day) and the 2 blocks of cobble stone that she started calling that I was griefing her ‘tunnel’ that was infact a mineshaft. From there I scampered backwards and forwards in an attempt to find my ‘ladder’ up. I was able to quickly realise that the cobblestone had been removed by USMC and that I had overshot the area. I managed to dig a few blocks from the side of the wall in order to allow myself to once again pillar back up to the place of my demise. She once again claimed that I was griefing the tunnel by replacing the blocks but I urge you to realise that I had limited time because USMC had loaded the chunks the whole time and the precious 5 Minutes were ticking. I did not stop to try to explain to her that I was in a rush as it takes a good amount of time to type a reply. Meanwhile in chat USMC was getting heated towards me and almost threatening that it would be taken to mods and so it was when Rhalyon connected to the server to greylist a new applicant. From their, I predict she had a private conversation with him about what had happened as I managed to collect my previous life’s remains. The situation had died down and I decided that I won’t explain why I did it which was probably a mistake. People were under the illusion that I was following USMC around and intentionally trying to harass her which I stress is not the case at all! If she believes that by me digging near her is an offense to cry foul out I would laugh. I made a substantial profit by crossing into that cave that I died from and if she also believes that I stole possible resources from her I can split the end result but I was only really after coal and some diamond ore for decoration on a project of mine. I had honest intentions and I was unaware that she was infact in the area at the time until I came across her precious tunnel.
If the history of the last ban has played a part in this ban I would fail to be suprised. I have on multiple occasions had people in an area where I am digging and I have not reported it to anyone because they also had honest intentions about the ‘miner’. I therefore conclude that what happened was not out of order but prehaps more within lines of how the game is intended to be played! This server means a lot to me and from my point of view to be banned like this is so wrong that hits harder than others. With many friends and a large build being planned this winter, I would hate to miss out because of a simple meeting of paths underground. This is why I am bringing this appeal to the forums.
Thank you.


This is quite an achievement: this is the second time you’ve been banned (I think you’re the first one to pull that off), you insist on getting banned again, not adjusting your behavior whatsoever, you then proceed to write this stroke-inducing abomination of a ban appeal with your overblown avatar and complete lack of structure in what you wrote, and then expect to be unbanned.

I’m not sure any of the other mods or admins will humor you with the same effort I had to put into reading your tumor of a post but I wouldn’t count on it if I were you.

Where is the realisation that whatever the hell you’re doing is clearly not something you should be doing? If you keep getting into conflicts with people maybe it’s you who should adjust your behavior.

Stop being under the impression that Arcane and Minecraft are important parts of human life. You didn’t commit a crime, you’re just behaving like an idiot, that’s all.

Should you be in luck and be offered a date for your unban I suggest you keep to yourself and just play the game.


I offered an explanation of what happened. That is all.

Edit: Others have been banned twice. Just look on the first page here.


What do other people’s bans have to do with you?


Locked pending review.


Okay, doesn’t look like you’ll attempt to re-do your appeal but for the record, this is what happened:

[ul]I got on to greylist someone quickly and was told by blockhead you were following her and wouldn’t leave her alone. I messaged you asking if this was so, which you said yes to. I told you to cut that shit out and I got off.

I came back and blockhead told me you followed her into her strip mine, knocked out torches and blocked her in with cobblestone. Coreprotect confirmed both statements.

At this point this is all blockhead told me and she got off. I check chat logs and she told you for close to half an hour to leave her alone.

Majority of her attempts to ask you to leave went unanswered.

Chat logs have Blockhead saying you are stealing her ores in the strip mine. Chatlogs from you and coreprotect confirmed this.

Dragon asked you why you were so close to her, seeing you on dynmap. You said you weren’t there, yet him (and myself looking via dynmap) saw you in the area [/ul]

While blockhead has ignored you ever since you were both banned, you have on multiple occasions tried to join in on conversations she has had with other players when we specifically told you both to steer clear of one another. Often conversations you weren’t a part of. The best example I can give is the conversation right before this whole shit happened between DClem, Dorndar, and Blockhead about a French Award and Jerry Lewis (I believe he was the person in question). You told Blockhead to shut up and that she had lost the argument, while she kept ignoring you. While this is not a bannable offence, you clearly have not held up your side of the agreement and these two incidents are part of a pattern of immaturity and poor judgement on your part. People who I will not name in public have also confirmed the fact you have attempted to set block off on multiple occasions since you were unbanned.

Two people present during the French Award conversation and the tunnel following were talked to and confirmed the above events as they witnessed them in real time.

Furthermore, your story is, in my opinion, absolutely laughable.

I ran up and down that tunnel and it was a strip mine the entire time. If you are honestly going to tell us it was a mine-shaft then you must think we are idiots. The point at which you died was also AFTER blockhead was asking you to leave her alone.

Also, this twitching mouse excuse is pretty flimsy considering it happened to be all the torches between blockhead and the point which you blocked off. Meaning, you went ahead, accidentally knocked out the torches, then came back towards where you came from and dug your way up?

Your story MAY even be correct, but to me your behaviour was suspicious. You barely answered blockhead while she asked you to leave, and your limited responses were mocking. When dragon asked why you were there, you told him you werent. Then when I got on, you suddenly stopped talking on chat, until I left at which point you picked up talking again.

The icing on the cake to me is Blockhead attempted to resolve this via PM and you called her cowardly in open chat. No, she wasnt being cowardly, she was trying to avoid getting banned for the same shit you got banned the first time around.

FYI: I collected all the information and shared it with the rest of staff and the decision to ban you was unanimous.

PS: You just called Blockhead’s tunnel her “precious tunnel”, the same term you used ingame when you said:

Even if your story was correct, there was 1000 better ways to handle it, but the way you chose to approach the conversation with her and everything else is just part of a pattern of immaturity and poor judgement on your part. You haven’t been able to ignore block and instead have continued to instigate.

An Admin will review your appeal.


Appeal has been unlocked to give Hearts a chance to reply.


I’ll agree some of the stuff I said was wrong and ignoring her was not the best choice of mine. I felt by replying I could have made the situation much worse than it possibly is.

However, I want to point out I was being sarcastic when I said I was taking her ores in chat. It made the situation much worse and I was not taking anything from her tunnel, just caves nearby.


Give me a little while, I will decide wether or not you should be unbanned.


Ok, considering you’ve been banned twice for the same reason, I will not give you an unban date. I will instead allow you to donate for an unban.

If you chose to do so, go here:


Donating to rejoin is against mojang’s Eula. I guess I’m permenately banned then as I will not participate in illegal activities like this.


Paying to join a server is not against the EULA, please read again :slight_smile:


I would have donated for you cause im a nice person, but you know why I will not now :smiley: ! I however am donating just for kicks and giggles, once the buycraft link is fixed…I love arcane!


Well HeartsFlame, I’m sad to see it came to this. I honestly think a donation to the server isn’t a big deal in this scenario, but whatever you decide is up to you.


Am I completely banned? Or is a timer in place.



Have I waited long enough :laughing:


For reals. USMC is hardly online anymore. There’s no reason that you should still be banned.


Were you not already banned twice? What tells us you’re serious about coming back and not being awful to someone else? :confused:


I have only had an issue with USMC and that really started with how she talked about people but I don’t care anymore. If you gave me just these holidays for me I will almost certainly make that donation that was mentioned above.