Ban appeal: HeartsFlame 2.0

  • My in-game name: HeartsFlame

  • What happened: A lot of shit happened I guess, but it was a long time ago and I can confidently say that I was looking for trouble then but no more. I was being a dick and I’ve grown up.

  • What I’ll do to prevent the ban next time:
    Nothing, it won’t happen again :slight_smile:


I would like to ask you what happened then people can understand why you were banned and help understand you better.



You can look at previous threads Noah if you want information :+1: As those threads show, it’s in the past


Our stance remains the same:

[quote=Agentred]Ok, considering you’ve been banned twice for the same reason, I will not give you an unban date. I will instead allow you to donate for an unban.

If you chose to do so, go here: [/quote]

A donation would show that you’re serious about supporting the server. I would hope that making an investment would also reduce the possibility of future trouble.


I willing to donate but I’m unsure on the activity and players on the server, I read on a forum that there is considerable afk’ing and periods where no one is online.

And also, servers don’t last forever, so what’s the likelihood the server will survive into the coming year?

As well, do donations in other currencies use a base figure OR a converted amount including a fee as common with PayPal for Australia?

Thank you


Do you want to play on the server or not?

As long as there are people wanting to play, Arcane will be up.

The fee is automatically taken out by paypal. If you use donate using stripe, there is no transaction fee (which helps us out more).


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