Ban appeal from TheNetherSorce


i know the reason i was banned and i am truly sorry for what i have done, I stole 2 beacons and a few iron blocks from a town that i had no idea was still present and it was my first time in the server im still new but i promise to never steal again and i shall give back every item i stole plus compensation if needed. I am sorry for this horrid mistake and promise to never break the rules of the server ever again


You joined the server yesterday and proceeded to raid the base of a group of very active players, which there was no way you thought was inactive (also since you were on the server less than 24 hrs it gives you no basis to know when an area is inactive or not). Even if the town were inactive, that is still no excuse to raid it.

The manner in which the raid was carried and the fact you did after only being on the server a few hours shows that this was no mistake, and the only thing you are sorry about is getting caught.

An admin will review this appeal and give you an answer.