Ban Appeal: Calcular


What caused your ban on Arcane Survival?

I’m assuming it was because we were on the creative server and everyone was playing with tridents. I was using channeling and people in survival mode were dying.

What will you do to prevent the ban next time?

I didn’t know killing on the creative server was against the rules, and I won’t do it again.


you have been repeatedly warned about adhering to the rules on both discord and the server. resulting in the loss of your discord privileges not once but twice. I clearly stated to everyone to stop their actions or it would result in a temporary ban. you are the only person in a group of over 20 to continue after being warned.

your ban will be automatically lifted in 7 days as per the rules.


I honestly did not see a warning in the chat. If I had, I would of course, have stopped. I’ll wait out my ban if that’s what’s been decided but know that I am sorry for causing any problems.


I don’t know if this is the right place to appeal but I just got banned. I’m sure you’ve heard of cheatbreaker .
People have been getting false banned for using it and I just happened to be one of those people. Now I don’t think I will be using cheatbreaker from hear on out. Please unban me. and feel free to tell me the right place to post a ban appeal.


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