Asegal's mod application


Age: 13 Years old (All rights reserved)
Why you want to be a moderator: I want to be a moderator because it brings me joy to stop all the hackers, I love being staff on servers and I love making people laugh and having fun in the game!
Relevant experience: I have no experience being one, but I watch many staff series on factions, KitPvP etc, and I know what to do from those videos.
Location/Timezone: I live in California United states. Time zone is PST-Pacific standard time. (Rights reserved)
Skype name: Asegal on skype.
Anything you would like to add: I love helping people out and making them smile everyday and making people laugh when there down, I love helping people up when there down! <3


You sound like a pleasant person, so I would hate to disappoint you.

You know this isn’t a factions server, right? It’s a troublesome thing, but we’re the older, vanilla server. We have nothing to do with a factions server by the same name, so I have to check.


No no, I get it. But like I know how to handle it if you will.


I’m not saying specifically factions. I’m talking about like I’ve seen those factions and I know what to handle, not that I only know factions and what not.


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