[Arcane's 1st Anniversary] The Lottery and The Admin War


Hello everyone !

As you may have noticed, a big red “1” has appeared near the Spawn Statue, in order to celebration Arcane’s First Anniversary !

Inside this big red one, you’ll find 3 things to do:

First of all, a chest to deposit birthday presents to Arcane and the admins !

Secondly, a new lottery, with the same system as for Christmas: put a renamed diamond in the chest and you’ll have a chance to be randomly chosen ! The winner gets to decide what the next theme for the Statue will be !

And lastly, Arcane’s first “Admin war” ! Indeed, we’ve always had two founding administrators (Jugglingman and Agentred) and the newest admin (Morios), but everyone knows that… there can be only one !
It’s time to choose, vote for your most beloved admin in the chest, and we shall determine who is the most sexy and charismatic administrator of Arcane. And may the admins be ever in your favor !

But that’s not all !

Two other contests will begin shortly:

An ADHD contest and Screenshot of the Week contest !

In this thread, I will more specifically take care of the Lottery and the Admin War. The winners will be announced on may 19th !

Happy Birthday Arcane !


3 Admins


Hm… I did forget Morios…
Well, it’s the founding admins of Arcane though, but ok, you can also vote for Morios :wink:


Hello everyone !

The results are in for our little games in celebration of the server’s first year.

First of all, the winner of the Admin War is…
Morios, the newcomer to the administration team ! Congrats Morios, you are apparently the players’ favorite !

Secondly, the winner of the lottery has been chosen via random number generator…
Encyclosaurus won ! Congratulation ! You can now send me a private message on the forum to tell me what the next theme for the Face of Splawn should be !


Whoo! Morios xD

[size=80]Also…[quote=“DClem”]Morios, the newcomer to the administration team ! [/quote]“Morios, the newest administrator!” would be more accurate.[/size]


Such yeet

Very surprise

Much happy



Aw shucks, thanks guys. And to think DClem almost left me out of the voting :wink:


You’re welcome.