Arcane Staff Application (Lord0wnage)


16 years old

I enjoy the overall concept of the server and I respect the rules of the server. Because of my appreciation of the server, I will enforce the rules without a doubt. I can also promise that there will be no abuse of my powers seeing that it is unfit to do so and I find it quite pointless

I have played on this server for a week, which I know is not a lot of play time. I also currently own a server and I know the hardships of running one and what to do when someone just so happens to break the rules.

(US): Central Time


I really appreciate the server as a whole, the current staff are great, the evolution of the server is great, in the sense that it has been worked on for many years and contains many things. I also really hope you guys continue to grow the server. Just because I don’t become staff doesn’t mean I’ll stop playing on it! :laughing: