Arcane Space Agency - ASA


Today the ASA is proud to present to you a new era in Arcane development…

As of today, the ASA will be actively recruiting member who wish to be part of this historical event for minekind. Everyone is welcome and can postulate to the Agency to become part of the team by replying below why they’d make:

a good astronaut x2-3 (builders)

ground control person x as many as possible (help gathering the ressource and get them to ASA complex east of spawn)

engineer x2 (plan with me the design)

Welcome aboard, future SPACE CREW

PS. not responsible for death by Aliens


FIRST$)(#$ Also, I want to help with planning and resource gathering.


I could help with gathering


As starter member of the ASA agency, I’m proud to welcome new elements to our team for this historical and technological advance on arcane.

Ideas will be welcome and considerate by our team.

Finally, for all the new members of the team, welcome on board.



The People’s Republic of Taiga would be pleased to give a hand. After all, we are clearly the most technologically advanced civilization of Arcane, you wouldn’t go far without us…

Count me in for resources, and I’ll probably build a thing or two :slight_smile:

Glory to the Taiga and future taigian cosmonauts !


No, can’t let the dirty commies beat us to the stars.


Is this still happening?


i’m not that active because of IRL stuff but yea, it is!