Arcane Plugin version 2.0.0!


Hello everyone!

I am excited to show the future of the Arcane! Arcane plugins have been updated to work better on the server.

##Donors and Staff
You can now toggle your [Donor] or any other tag using /bt command!

  • /bt - Toggles your badge

##New players
You will no longer be spammed “APPLY FOR GREYLIST” on the chat, but will be spammed on their Action Bar instead!

There are a few new commands and features:

  • /monreflexion or /monR - New donor command! Check it out!
  • /fplayer - The coding and algorithm for finding player has been fixed! It will not lag or crash the server anymore, so you can use it all you want!
  • /ping - You can get another player’s actual ping with accuracy of milliseconds!
  • /news - In order for us to convey important news or events more easily, we’ve added a news feature that shows up on every login, provided that there is some news to show.
  • /localradius or /lr - The local chat’s command syntax has been modified. You can now use /lr to change your local chat radius! Use /l to get your current shouting radius.
  • /simonorj - yet another new donor command. It’s very useful. You won’t ever survive without this command.

We’ll upgrade the server to 1.12 this week!