ARA (Arcane Railway Authority) Committe


Hello Arcanians!

This is the Arcane Railway Authority (ARA) Committe post!
The current members are:[ul][li]SimonOrJ - Head[/li][li]Dragon_DLV - Railway Planner[/li][/ul]

The Arcane Railway Authority has a long history. It started out as an idea:

[size=180]Early History: First Railway[/size]
A man named ManWithACrazyHat once started making an advanced railway system. His railway was completed from the Spawn Tower to the southern tip of Spawn’s landmass (his home). He simply called it “Arcane Metro - Blue Line”. He built identical railway stops. However, not many people used the system at this era.

[size=150]Western Express[/size]
While MWACH was making the Arcane Metro, SimonOrJ started building Western Express with the hopes of reaching a village of Oakfield one day. The railway was originally planned to go underground or on-ground, but these ideas were quickly scrapped because there were underground bases on the way of underground rail and a few roads were blocking the path on ground level. This is when the West wasn’t evolved with Embassies and a giant farm. This was even before ADHQ (or something) building was still standing on the west.

He started building Arcane’s first elevated railway system and successfully completed it from the Spawn Area (around the House of Potato) to Maple Township (now-called Embassy Blvd.).

[size=150]Ownership of Arcane Metro[/size]
The Arcane Metro didn’t last due to occasional griefers and complexity of the railway system. It was left abandoned with a lot of holes and bad things. He ultimately left a sign near the stop now known as the Spawn Tower station saying someone else can take over his project.

Soon, a brave man named NYbeast took over the rail project. However, he had to rely on donations to get the railway done. That did not go smoothly for him, and the progress of repairing the railway system was slow. This is where SimonOrJ decided to pitch in. He asked NYbeast if he can pitch in, and NYbeast authorized Simon’s contribution.

The resource was still scarce. Luckily, this was when the community resources were being gathered into a central house right south of spawn. Using this as an advantage, Simon went full-on with making some more railways.

[size=150]Arcane Central[/size]
Simon built Arcane Central with the hopes of bringing all the rail lines in one place. He needed a large spot near the spawn area, and he decided to build it somewhere in the northern side of the spawn. He wanted to make a “transfer loop” to make transfers easy for people transporting chests or mobs, but only a few knew how to use it.

Basically, not many people understood how to use the entire rail system.

[size=150]Recreating Arcane Metro[/size]
The Arcane Metro was still messy. NYbeast wasn’t active enough and didn’t get much donations to patch the holes and improve the system. Seeing the inactiveness, Simon tried to fix the system. However, the design back then was complicated and resource-intensive. He invented a multi-cart friendly railway stop design, and he re-did and rerouted the entire Arcane Metro line. He used his invention on the Arcane Metro and applied the same design to the Western Express line.

The original tunnel Arcane Metro used to run on is now buried in dirt and stone. Only a glimpse of original railway is visible on the route between the Water Fountain stop and the Ravine Market stop.

[size=150]East River Parkway Railway (East RPR)[/size]
The newest line, East River Parkway Railway, was built because Simon wanted to make a railway that reaches his own base. He also wanted to make this more awesome than the earlier railways, Arcane Metro and Western Express, so he made this have two variations: Local and Express.

While making this line, he signed a contract with Shambhala, greasy_bandit’s company, and made a railway stop that stops right in front of his place. Now, the local railway is completed to “Simon River Parkway” stop. Through this, he successfully made this line from Arcane Central to Simon RIver Parkway.

[size=150]Western Express: Demolition and Upgrade[/size]
Through the idea of making Embassies on the West, the Western Express Elevated line had to be remodeled and recreated for it to continue its existence. The Maple Township stop was demolished and Embassy Blvd. stop was created to fit the requirements. The Suspension bridge this rail used to run under was also demolished and the new truss bridge was created for the railway.

Through these adjustments, this line became took the spot of longest straight-running rail line near the spawn.

[size=150]The History Continues[/size]
The railway continues to exist and is constantly expanding. However, Simon seems to be the only person working on the rail project. The railway will continue to exist under Arcane Railway Authority, abbreviated ARA (Not to be confused with ASA, the space agency).

I’d like to ask for people to join this ARA committee. The available positions are:
[ul][li]Railway Builders[/li][li]Rail Station Designers[/li][li]Railway Planner[/li][li]Any other position you find fit[/li][/ul]
the Arcane’s rail system will only continue to grow. Join us!

System map so far:



I think there are some people I know IRL that would be very disappointed with me if I didn’t offer my help with this.

I was always a bit of a train nerd, and I’d like to help. I would like to help with the Railway Planner position.


Awesome! I’m having trouble where to make next stop for north, east, or west direction. An idea or coordinate would be very handy. If you have an idea for another line, that’d be great as well.


I humbly submit my application to be a sitting Committee member.


I’m sort of confused as to the purpose of the rail system. Don’t we have a nether highway?


Rail system is intended for mass item transit. However, it can be used for travelling as well.

Even if it wasn’t for item transport, it’s cool to have a rail system.


I’d like to be on the committee, if possible. I apply for the position of railway planner/station designer.


So I want to sign off the current state of railway as Phase 1.
I need plans for the Phase 2 of the Arcane Railway!
Please submit railway stop consideration in any form, including coordinate position or a drawn-out map of next phase railway!

MissEmeraldLily, some Arcane Metro (North and South) stops doesn’t have a design. It would be awesome if you can make a design for “North Spawn” and “Ravine Market” stops.



I would love a railway stop here, next to the Underground Base I own, south of spawn:


I’ll get to that place probably within this month, DClem! It’d be really helpful if you can build a two side-platforms or one island platform station stop there on the ground level to connect the railway to.

Also, the East RPR is geting extended towards the good ol’ Love Town, High Silvars, and Shadowvale for the Phase II! :smiley: