Application for Server Moderator/Admin


IGN Name: DrZums

Age: 21

Why you want to be a moderator/admin:
[i]I’d like to become a moderator for Arcane because I’ve been on this server for a year now and I have to say that Arcane is by far my favorite server, not just for MC, but for all online games. We have a strong community with a good balance of new & experienced players, which makes for all sorts of creative projects.

However, I have recently noticed that there has been a stark lack of moderator/admin presence. I know that this is due to people being busy with finals and the other recent projects that the admins have undertaken. Most recently, this has manifested as a few players awaiting greylisting for long periods and the server desperately needing a restart due to serious lagging/ghost blocks.

I believe that I could help to run this server while others are away, and due to my odd playing times, I would be on the server when most are not. I am have been a well established player on the server for almost 1 year now and have contributed to community projects and the building of White Haven (come visit!). In that time, I have abided by all server rules & regulations, as well as have been helpful to new players (describing commands, rules, donations…). I also believe that due to White Haven being a (mostly) singular endeavor, I have remained separate from the numerous squabbles and bickering common to some of the more long term players. Because of this I feel I would be impartial in settling of disagreements.[/i]

Relevant experience:
[i]I will come upfront and say that I have never been an online moderator/admin of a server or game. However, I do believe that I have relevant experience from a leadership standpoint.

1.) Head Coach of the University of Pittsburgh Club Wrestling Team
–As the head coach, my job consists of scheduling/conducting all practices, coaching during matches/tournaments, petitioning Student Government Board for funding, running fundraising events, recruiting events, and hosting our annual tournament.
–In our 1st year as a team, under my coaching, we had 7/10 wrestlers qualify for nationals. At nationals, 1 placed 5th overall.

2.) ROTC cadet
–While still one year away from commissioning into the U.S. Army as a 2nd Lieutenant, I have gained some important experience while still a cadet. As the Battalion’s Special Projects Manager and the Ranger Company S3, my role is largely planning oriented. As of right now, I design the training for the Ranger CO as well as plan and execute all non-standard trainings and events (commissioning ceremony, dining in & mil-ball, joint forces military training, as well as anything else that arrises).
–Top of my class, and 3rd overall in the Brigade.
–Awarded CULP deployment (18% acceptance rate) to teach English in Vietnam (last summer)
–Awarded ProjectGO scholarship to study Mandarin at 对外经济贸易大学 (UIBE, Beijing…this summer)

I’ve only included leadership roles from the past 3 years, but if you’d like more, please email me.[/i]

Eastern Standard (Pittsburgh)/Beijing (UTC+08:00, but only for the summer).

Skype name:
I don’t have skype, but you can contact me through email ( or reddit (/u/drzums).

Anything you would like to add:
I know my experience isn’t exactly standard, but I am a very fast learner. If selected, I will make sure to familiarize myself with at least the basics of programming, so that I can contribute meaningfully. Also, I speak Mandarin Chinese at a conversational level, but I don’t think MC recognizes Chinese characters.

Thank you,


Accepted as chat mod.