Appeal Formatting / Rules - Read this before posting


[size=150]Ban and Mute Appeals - Formatting [/size]

You must use the following title formatting when submitting a ban or mute appeal.

In your appeal, you must state the reason you were banned or muted. If you are unsure, kindly ask why. Next, explain why you should be unbanned or unmuted.

Appeals are handled by admins. If your appeal is accepted, you will receive an un-ban/un-mute date. Be patient, and do not pester mods or admins over your appeal. However, you are encouraged to bump your thread to increase its visibility.


Ban/Mute Requests

When submitting a ban/mute request, provide a reason and any evidence you have. You may post your request publicly in this forum or send it via forum message to an admin.


ban/mute appeal: {wqlls} I was banned for being blatant and using KA. I do not use any client anymore please unban me. sincerely wqlls… you can also screenshare me on discord I don’t use hacked client anymore.