Have anyone seen/played that game? It’s pretty fun.

We should all get into a same map and destroy the heck out of everyone else on a server! xD


Yeah, I did, but it nearly took away my life.


Yeah same. Record was like 26000. People started joining with the name “F**k Ig”. It was great, and then the server got reset.


Well, that took me all of 5 minutes to start looking for tips and tricks. Damn you Napolean II and China!


I got to 2nd place on a server for about 10 minutes, damn this game is addicting.


Lameeeee, the graphics are awful! I’ll be playing CoD.


have I done.
Is this what winning feels like? Did I win?
I had to resort to eating those big green things to survive.
Everyone just… disappeared as I went up the leaderboard. There used to be other people, I swear.


Morios, your profile pic perfectly fits with your situation !


I’m going to be honest here, this is the hardest multiplayer game I’ve played. The damn W team keeps ganging up on me everytime I get even #7 on the leaderboard, and before that I went onto an Oceania server, and the server was filled to the brim with the Chinese team ([HKG]).

The furthest I’ve gotten is #4 on leaderboard, before Sanic, EA, and NASA trapped me in a corner and Sanic split-killed everyone to get to #1. The massive amount of teaming feels like it’s ruining FFA, and when I go to Teams mode, it’s dominated by 1 color and there’s no chance for others to win. Great game anyway.