[Admin] WightPaladin

  • Age: 27
  • Discord user tag: Justin/WightPaladin#3032
  • Location/Timezone: PDT

##Why do you want to be a moderator of Arcane Survival?

Not to be meant as a jab at the current Admins, As an active Mod, and player on the server, there are times I feel like I can do more.
To be honest, I can only think of a few things that I’d be capable of doing, as well as one or two things that I feel like should be done, but long term probably won’t be too important.

As for what I can do, I know my way around most of the in game vanilla commands and would be able to help Simon out with the Tab Events as needed. Additionally, this would come in handy for server events such as UHC’s where if I’m not playing, I can take care of more of the logistical side of things with team setup, world border, trackers, etc.

I made our mob drops datapack that, sadly, people don’t seem to be using like I thought they would, although one cause for that is Husks and Strays don’t spawn from spawners anymore. We did get some good use out of the clay drop though. There are some other datapacks for crafting recipes that I’ve pitched that kinda fell through the cracks. My focus here, would be to try and find things that would make the multiplayer aspects a bit more forgiving. My biggest suggestion here so far was being able to duplicate the ‘Thing’ pattern for banners using a recipe where you combine the pattern with paper or something along those lines. I have the thing pattern and would be willing to distribute if end up going for this option. There are also datapacks for multiplayer sleep based on a percent. For example the one on the Vanilla Tweaks website also adds a toast notification [achievement notification/crafting recipe acquired] to alert players that someone wants to sleep.

I’d also like to suggest that in cases of lighting errors, that an admin can go into creative in order to fix them. I fixed the one in my witch farm manually in survival, and it took quite a bit of time to find the errors to clear them, and I was lucky that it didn’t break any redstone and such. That would’ve been an even bigger mess to clean up. lol. Recently I found a few more in my base, and several people have them in their bases as well. Fixing the error requites filling an area with opaque blocks, which for my witch farm wasn’t too bad. but in some cases, this error is affecting 50 blocks in y value in a whole chunk. or several floors of a build in a chunk. This is something very annoying and tedious, that I don’t mind helping people with given the opportunity to do it easier and faster.

I’d also be able to do some behind the scenes work such as config changes as needed, or end resets.

Anything that is felt that I capable of doing or learning to help out, I’d be willing to do.

##Do you have any relevant experience(s)? If so, list here.

I have been a moderator for our community for nearly a year now. In true admin fashion, I did take a brief hiatus before 1.14 launched as a refresh, due to Minecraft burnout, and about a week of feeling like all I was doing was following new members, and banning people every time I turned around, but during that time I was keeping an eye on things and popping on to take care of things some people needed that I could help with.

##Anything you would like to add:
As with my Moderator app, I can’t really think of anything to add, but if you have concerns or questions feel free to message me. I am in the process of looking for work, so my activity might drop a bit when I find a job, but hey, that’s normal. Minecraft is the one thing that’s consistent for me, and I find it very relaxing, no matter what im working on. I don’t plan on going anywhere, anytime soon.


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