Access Dynmap from the Forums


Maybe I’m blind, but I can’t seem to find a link to the Arcane Dynmap here on the forums. I know we have the main website, but I feel a link to the dynmap from the forums would also be a good idea. I was thinking up in the black bar next to the “members” tab.


Well it is just

Plus there is the /map command in game. Also a lot of times when we advertise we post the link to the dynmap in the advertisement.


I know about the map command in the game. What I’m saying is what if I don’t want to open up the game to see the dynmap? What if I just want to see who is online without opening the game? That’s kind of what I’m getting at here.


Then navigate to and click on the dynmap tab!

Personally I just have it bookmarked under a ‘minecraft’ folder.


I should probably just do that instead. Thanks Agent