[ACCEPTED] Remove Enderman Griefing


Endermen are destroying Arcane’s landscapes everywhere. It’s really horrible, and ugly, and useless.

Could we disable enderman griefing, please?


It’s just inevitable. We’ll just have to place down dirt and stuff to fix the enderman damage.


It is completely useless and has been mentioned as an annoyance by a few other people as well. I support this.



A simple /gamerule mobGriefing off command from the admin, and enderman griefing is turned off!


I don’t normally put torches everywhere, but I had to on my island. There were so many damn holes in my desert it drove me insane. I support this.


I support this. I hate finding enderman damage throughout my forest.


I support this as well. Endermen grief is pretty annoying. They reckt my farm the other day, haven’t fix it yet…

Edit: Fix some major errors, i can’t write right some days… And i just see this after 8 months, lol.


I support this with all my dark and shriveled heart.


Enderman griefing is vanilla, not support!!


So is creeper damage to environement. Or wither damage.


So is creeper damage to environement. Or wither damage.[/quote]



So is creeper damage to environement. Or wither damage.[/quote]
My thought is the creeper or wither can be controlled by a player to target explosive damage. However, Enderman griefing cannot be controlled by a player and is randomly done.
I do not support this suggestion. Personally, I want creeper damage and wither damage should be on as well, but for the sake of player controlled griefing…


Approved, I really don’t see any reasons to keep enderman griefing around. I’ll get around to removing it soon.




Yes! That’s a really good news!
Climbling on my house roof “Hey everyone! Agent will remove enderman greffing!” :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue: