[ACCEPTED][Moderator] WightPaladin Application


[Moderator] WightPaladin

  • Age: 26
  • Discord user tag: Justin/WightPaladin#3032
  • Location/Timezone: PDT

##Why do you want to be a moderator of Arcane Survival?

During my active time playing on the server, there are large windows of time where there is no staff online. Due to my activity, and my positive and community driven approach to playing on the server, I feel like I would make a valuable asset to the staff team.

##Do you have any relevant experience(s)? If so, list here.

This would be my first time as a moderator, but I try to settle disputes and things as best I can, even when I’m not a mod.

##Anything you would like to add:
At the moment I can’t think of anything relevant to add, but if you have any questions, feel free to message me. I just want to help provide a fun, positive environment for everyone.


Due to recent events, i feel a need to bump my application. I’m aware of some hear-say about problems behind the scenes with staff, and because of this, there has been next to no mod, or admin presence on the server. This has led to 1 notable situation, that, may or may not have been able to be de-escalated by a staff member, but wasnt given the opportunity.
In times of drama, and stress, I am able to keep a clear head, and look at both sides of a conflict, and choose, what i hope to be, the best, and most fair, course of action.
If considered for a mod postion with the server, I feel i would provide a positive and fair presence to hopefully, not just react to a situation, but to nip them in the bud, and resolve the conflict so it isnt swept under a rug just to resurface in the future.


Omg, this totally fell through the cracks, so sorry!

Yes, we’d love to have you as a moderator if you’re still interested.


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