[Accepted] Discord Voice Server to Replace Mumble


Hi, I would like to propose that Arcane get an official Discord server to fully replace the Mumble server. Discord is a modern voice and text chat application that comes with a beautiful and easy to use interface, role groups, an amazing text chat system, and of course, voice rooms. Discord servers are also 100% free, and are hosted by Discord’s official servers.

Here is a screenshot of the discord application in action: (CLICK FOR FULL VERSION)

I have several reasons why I think Discord would be a better solution than Mumble for Arcane:

  • Many people are already a member of many discord communities, and leaving discord open would allow the community of Arcane to have constant and easy contact with each other.
  • As a result, this will make it easy for members to alert admins or moderators of issues on the server, as you can do “@Moderators” or “@Admins” to mention a specific role of people on the server
  • As discord is completely free, it will reduce the overall cost to maintain Arcane
  • Because most people will probably be on the discord server all the time for its text chat uses, it will increase the number of active players on Arcane because people will want to play together or log on and check things out.
  • Voice channels can be easily restricted to certain roles, e.g. people who are part of certain groups of players such as mytoscorp or even just people who are on the server.
  • Discord is very, very easy to use, and doesn’t require any downloads if the user does not want to. The desktop client is exactly the same as the browser version, except for system-wide push to talk and notifications. To invite someone to the server, all you do is send them the invite link, and Discord handles the rest.

I have experience with running high-volume Discord servers, as I am currently an admin and an owner of two servers with over 300 members each. I would be willing to set up the Discord server if the admins don’t want to deal with it, but it really isn’t that hard anyways.

Anyways, i hope all of you consider my suggestion!

Have a gooood day



The staff team do know about the Discord. We have actually decided to move to Discord as the successor of Mumble.

Meanwhile, please hang on while we get things set up and up to date with the rest of the staff team!