[ACCEPTED] Allow non-greylist people to pick up items


Hey all, while the grey-list was a good idea, I think we need to allow new comers to be able to pick stuff up (like food people donate when they first arrive). I think we’ve lost quite a few potential players because they kept starving to death and got frustrated while waiting for mods to get on. I know there is a process to getting grey-listed, but that still requires new players to wait for someone to get on the forums and then add them. I think we’ll be more successful in retaining players if they are allowed to eat while waiting (allows them to explore spawn and get a feel for the server while waiting).


I sincerely agree with this.


I second-second this!


Besides the obvious possibilities of them beating a player to death with a loaf of bread: I agree.


I dunno. Bread can do some serious damage when in the hands of the wrong person…


You only say that because you have personally massacred large groups of people with a baguette…

I say give the peasants bread!
[size=40]They can’t hope to do as much damage as bby would with it[/size]


bump on the grounds we just had another new player rage quit


“All this for a loaf of bread?”

I’m on the fence. On the one hand, it’s bad for new players to ragequit just because they can’t save themselves from starving. Spawn has a regen beacon, but it gets boring just hanging around because you can’t survive on your own.

On the other hand, there’s thievery. People use spawn as a swap-meet location all the time, and nobody wants to have the wrong person end up with their trade goods.


I have never seen that happen, ever (unless it was a joke by a regular). If you see someone lurking you can always do the swap a bit further away than the actual spawn building. If it does happen, you can always just get the guy banned/punished by an admin.

Personally, this doesn’t seem to be a legitimate enough excuse to warrant the fact we constantly lose players who hang around spawn but keep dying of hunger while waiting for someone to greylist them. I agree with the concept of greylist, but I don’t see why they wouldnt be allowed to pick up loose objects. If they cant break or kill anything then they cant really do anything except pick stuff that was already floating on the ground. Allowing them to pick stuff up will let us be able to give them some food (which im more than willing to do when im on and see a new player) which they can survive with while exploring the world and getting to know us and fall in love with Arcane just as all of us did :slight_smile:


Either that or we make it so they dont have a hunger bar while not greylisted


Something of this sort?

If not{greylisted} then effect SATURATION xx:xx:xx


Ok, I worked out the bug that was not allowing un-greylisted players to eat food.