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We’re looking for competent moderators and chat moderators!

If you would like to apply for a staff position, create a new thread using the form below. Be sure to use the title format:

[Moderator] Username
[Chatmod] Username

A template will be given to you once you try writing a new post in this forum. Follow the guidelines there.

If your application wasn’t reviewed for a month, and if you’d like your application to be reviewed, you are encouraged to bump your post to avoid decaying your application.

If your application post has been locked, please make a new, updated staff application!

#Staff positions

Server Admins

Admins are responsible for running and maintaining the server.

Admins: jugglingman456, Morios, SimonOrJ, and Melium

Server Moderators

Moderators are players trusted to enforce the rules and represent the server. They can ban players, teleport to players to assist with grief and other issues, and perform rollbacks.

Mods: Champatriot, Bbycake, greasy_bandit, and Dragon_DLV

Chat Moderators

Chat mods have the ability to mute players. They also help add new players to the greylist.

Chat mods: Musical_Clyde