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Category for organized roleplaying.

#Hello, and welcome to the Roleplay category!

If you accessed this forum it must mean you have at least a small interest in roleplaying and being a part of its community.

Over the past couple of weeks (two years ago) some of us had the idea to start organizing a grand roleplay setting for Arcane Survival, both for the enjoyment of building roleplay-oriented builds and to organize events within them. It will be loads of fun and we are looking forward to create a nice group of roleplayers to make all of this happen. However, since roleplaying works better when rules are applied we think it important to first outline some guidelines.

If you have experience with roleplaying (no matter the environment) you must know it’s quite important that proper spelling and grammar is maintained; both for immersion and decency, and though no one likes a grammar nazi the proper mindset is always to be careful about what you type. Don’t be afraid to make errors now and then though, good roleplay comes with time, and remember: you’re here to have fun.

Be respectful toward fellow roleplayers; everyone can have great ideas, share them and give your feedback on them.

Never force rules or RP on others. Forced roleplay is chaotic roleplay. Don’t go over board with ideas, stay in character, look out for fellow players and read guidelines and outlines.

Prepare for roleplays. Events will be organized with their accompanying outlines, setting information and/or scripts. These events are not sandboxes, see them as orchestrated and detailed “theatre” pieces: every player is an actor, the build its stage.

##Out of Character Information:
Roleplays work best when players stay “in character”, that is: their assigned roles in an event. These roles are entirely up to the player, however, they should be discussed with everybody in order for an agreement to be reached and for other’s roles to adapt accordingly to them.

In an organized event it is often normal for the participants to pause and get some things in order. To keep things from being disorganized one should use the (ooc) tag in front of every sentence to inform fellow players he or she would like to comment on something. For example: (OOC) Shouldn’t DClem be setting himself on fire now?

In the future keep an eye out for events and settings information posted on this sub-category.

##Miscellaneous Information:
The timeline indications we use are:

BL: Before launch (settings outside the server, existing settings)
AL: After Launch (after the server launch, settings created inside the old map)
AN: After New Map (after the second world map started)

For example: The Taiga was founded in 2 AL

If you’re interested in joining an event or build be sure to contact a community leader.

Thanks for reading!