About the Projects and Builds category


Show off your builds and projects on Arcane!

We’ve made this subforum specifically to show off builds and projects on Arcane. It’s a one stop place for all build-related posts, so when new players (or old) want to check out what Arcane is capable of, they can come here without digging through the other forum.

You can also use this subforum to announce upcoming projects and/or recruit people to help.

Some quick guidelines/uses for this subforum:

  • Please stay on topic, everything here is build or planned-project related
  • You can post both your own builds, or abandoned builds you think are worth checking out or remembering. (please don’t post other people’s build without their consent)
  • You can also use this forum to ask for inputs, criticisms, and ideas for your builds. In these cases, please specify you are open to constructive criticism
  • Also important, don’t provide criticism of the original poster hasn’t asked for it
  • You can use this subforum to let people know when you post stuff to reddit or MC forums.

Please provide coordinates or directions so people can see your build live!