About the Ban and Mute Appeals category


Use this forum to post your ban or mute appeals or requests.


You must use one of the following title when submitting an appeal:

Ban appeal: Username
Mute appeal: Username

In your appeal, you must state the reason you were banned or muted. If you are unsure, kindly ask why. Next, explain why you should be unbanned or unmuted.

Final decisions regarding the appeals are handled by admins or responsible moderators. If your appeal is accepted, you will receive an unban or unmute date. Be patient, and do not pester mods or admins over your appeal. However, you are encouraged to bump your thread to increase its visibility and extend post auto-locking time.

If your ban appeal post gets auto-locked due to inactivity, you are free to create another appeal post.


You should use the following title:

Ban Request: Username
Mute Request: Username

Erase the ban appeal template and provide a good explanation on why the player should be banned or muted. Moderators or admins will review it and give a final decision.