(1.8)[ADHD] Protect the Mesa Bryce!


The Mesa we spotted a couple of weeks ago, northwest of Arcane, is a VERY RARE version of Mesa, called a Mesa Bryce!

You can see that with the Dynmap 3D view, it clearly has Rock Spikes.

This is a biome variation so rare, it took almost 3 days to confirm it’s existence after the snapshot came out ! We have to protect as a natural glory of our server!

I propose we declare that whole biome variation an Arcane Protected Biome !

As such, no blocks of the Mesa Bryce shall be removed, under penalty of ban.

I think it should be protected under the surveillance of the Arcane Defense of History Division I suggested a little time ago, with the help of mods, and maybe the plot plugin?


I totally agree. This biome is incredibly rare and I’ve personally never come across it in any of the servers I tried before Arcane. It should be a point of pride for the server to have one, and a good source of new players. The moment we expand the borders, should we choose to post it on /r/minecraft, I’m sure we will get a number of players who will come just to check it out. Said players might stick around after they see how awesome the server is. That is, if we want to increase traffic…

Either way we should try to maitain it.


I agree.

If we don’t, more greedy players will absolutely destroy the whole biome.

I don’t think it should be a “first-come, first serve” thing, we should protect the biome and its resources.

Preserving the biome will make it a cool attraction to new players and something unique about the server. We could make it like a tourist attraction, and build viewing points around it so people could admire it without digging around inside of it maybe.


thing is, im sure we will get a second mesa. If we get multiple, we should designate one as a communal quarry (although it shouldnt be abused), while the others will be either A) also protected since Mesa biomes, not just bryce, are cool attractions and/or B) Designated building areas. Meaning, if you wana dig there, you gotta live there.


I’d sign up to be a member of the ADHD group.


I hereby give my support to this suggestion.
Even so: Do you agree we should still let people build there?


I, too,support the protection of the mesa bryce!


Well you already read and commented on my post. Red sand is the only thing that people can not get anywhere else, and I know people will want it because personally I know I would like some. If we can find a way to fence off the Bryce and still leave area open for players to take or build where or what they need, I’d support preserving it. If anyone is going to build there, it should be one build team that is building a tour route and maybe one or two buildings for travelers to stop and rest at while enjoying the area.

We might also be lucky enough to have more Mesa biomes though, in which case my argument is invalid.


I’m sure this mesa will expand and probably have normal “Mesa Plateaus” next to the Bryce variation.

I think we need to strictly protect the Mesa Bryce, and let the other Mesas be used, even if they are preserved a bit.



What are the admins and mods going to do, now that 1.8 is coming very soon?



What are the admins and mods going to do, now that 1.8 is coming very soon?[/quote]

As far as I’m concerned I agree completely and havent seen any opposition, nor do i think there would be anyways. I’ll ask the admins but if the ADHD wants to take management of the bryce and build some minimal tourist infrastructure, you have my blessing


We could need some way to actually protect it, maybe a protection like we have at spawn?


I also support this project. We say no to mesa savage destruction.