Server down?


Hey guys, server seems to be down; I can’t connect, and according the LiveMap, everyone was logged off; it was showing 0/30 online, but there was also someone named “Sixd0ts” still showing. I know I haven’t been the most active player, so it’s not totally surprising I haven’t seen him, but with the server going down, just wanted to report what i’d seen. I’ve got to go to work now, so it’s no immediate issue for me, but wanted to let y’all know.

Hope to see everyone online later today!

EDIT server seems to be back up. See ya later!


Hi there, Sixdots is a MC profile that Mytos323 use to afk at the farms. And also happens to be Mytos323’s roommate, but he isn’t on a lot of the time.


When the server goes down/becomes unresponsive, the dynmap will display the events that happened before the server crashed. For example, when the server crashed when there were 7 players online, the Dynmap will say there are 7 same players are still online when, in reality, there’s nobody on the server.

We’ve been having some server issues lately, but all should be OK at the end of the day. :slight_smile: