New spawn area thread


To keep us organized on the new spawn area, I made this thread.

Here is a rough idea of what the new spawn area will look like. Point of this thread is to discuss what to do with the new spawn!!

[color=#FF0000]RED[/color] are is the non-build area around spawn. Will be a park I think we agreed on. New Spawn Central Station (needs a better name heh) will be made under spawn.

[color=#00FFFF]NEON BLUE[/color] is where I propose to put the new official Spawn Farm.

We can put a nice beach north of spawn, and add buildings around the no-build area :slight_smile:


Since our spawn is in a unique area, the roads are kind of tricky.

i outlined a draft of where the 4 Main Road/Rails (for simplicity i think having the rail and road along the same route for a bit) may go leading away from spawn:

[color=#FF00FF]WEST ROAD/RAIL[/color] Heads due west, following the coast, to hit the Mesa biome.

[color=#FF0040]EAST ROAD/RAIL[/color] Straight due east. Easiest road to plan/built

[color=#FFFF00]SOUTH ROAD/RAIL[/color] South Road/RailSplits in two from spawn, to go around the small inner sea/sawmp.

[color=#00FFFF]NORTH ROAD/RAIL[/color] Splits in two, follows the coast of the ocean in both directions until heading Northwards.


New Boats FINALLY!!!

We got that swamp directly south of spawn, then wide open inner sea. We need to cut a canal or two through the swamp though, right now there is no water path. Below is an idea I had about that. the Light Blue part is water, red the canal walls. We can do what Bontrose does and uses directional buoys to guide players in the open water parts.

None of this is set in stone, let’s plan our new spawn and transport system together to make it awesome!!


I volunteer myself to work on the North road’s west fork. I settled out in that direction


I actually am planning the 1000 block long north bridge project. We can direct the north rails there :smiley:

The bridge will start at the area I marked with dirt blocks. It will have three separate walkways and two railway tracks. It will be made of stone and wood.

I also have some name proposals for the railways.

  • North will be Cross-Ocean Railway when the bridge gets completed. (Deep Ocean Biome)
  • West will be Winter Express (Snow biomes)
  • East will be Hot(?) Railroad (You know, desert…)
  • Southeast will be Tropical Railway (Jungle Biome)
  • South will be… I’m not sure yet. ShadowVale Express? (ShadowVale)


Are we allowed to make some small shops near spawn?


That North Bridge is going to be sick!!! Do you have a design ready?

The southern shore of that inner sea is all “New Shambhala/Freehaen” (we’re still figuring out a name, tentatively Makhnovchina)

And it’s all mountains and taiga and swamp.

Mountain Rail? Forest Rail? Taiga Rail?

Of course! The purpose of this thread is to organize where to put them.

East and South and West sides of the no-build square, which should have the market/shops? or just scattered throughout?


Nope! Need to design it!


I think planning is good, as long as it doesn’t come out looking like it was planned


The bridge has been designed. It will be a long suspension bridge with three towers (one extra tower than the traditional real-world bridges). It’s now waiting on resources to build the towers.