Keeping Arcane funded


Idk, many players have spent a large amount of time searching for them, and only Aigoo and bby have them that I know of. I definitely know I can find them faster in ssp.


Aigoo, Bby, Bontrose and a couple more player have found wolves… It’s not impossible, it’s just very rare.

I too don’t really like the idea of spawning in wolves, I think it’s incompatible with the “legit” tag we have.

As for the idea of the tags, if I remember correctly, Agent hates multiplication of tags and colors in the chat. That’s the reason (or one of the reasons) why chatmods don’t have a tag. And I agree with him: the chat looks nice and clean without any unnecessary colors…


Yeah I’m not looking to add tags or spawn anything in.


Why not add a plug-in that changes wolf spawn conditions and makes them a rare spawn? Just like the passive mob plug-in.