I want your feedback on upcoming changes to the server spawn


Ok, firstly, thanks to everyone who took the time to write out such detailed posts. I didn’t reply to everybody, but I have read everything!

You guys have spoken, and I’ve reconsidered. I have decided not to make any sort of change to the spawn right now. It just isn’t fair to those who have spent so much time building stuff like nether roads.

As a few people have suggested, we should tear down a lot of the old buildings, preserve the cools ones, and breathe some new life into spawn. I think it’d be fun to make it into some sort of mini-event.


I agree with cleaning up the older buildings around spawn, sparing the nicer builds. Spawn is extremely cluttered.

I think we should plan a day or two and make it a community event. Provide tools for those who don’t have their own. Mark the buildings for demolition. It would be fun to have a big group of us all working on it together. All the materials could go towards future community builds, perhaps.

We should plan for this soon, as in actually soon. Not “soon.”


Quick reminder: The community donation chests have all the tools we need.